What do you call a bloke with a spade on his head?

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The Mystery    The Mystery

 OK, there’s this guy who I met in 2000 soon after arriving in Manchester who I very quickly realised has two awesome abilities. One, he has a voice that sounds like molten gold dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with cinnamon. Two, he is Mr. Positive. I have never heard him say anything bitter, discouraging, angry or annoyed. A smile never leaves his face and you genuinely feel loved, valued and like you could do anything after spending any amount of time with him. I would call him a friend, but he’s also the kind of guy that has hundreds of friends, so I’m not trying to namesdrop!

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: Mr. Doug Walker.

Anyway, apparently Doug recently waited outside Radio 1’s studio and handed his CD to Chris Moyles, who proceeded to play his single “The Mystery” three times on his show. Check out the reports in The Sun and Manchester Evening News.   

As you can tell, it’s a genuinely good song. Buy it (download only) on 8th October. Or check out his myspace page for some more of his music. I’d love for this guy to get a break and seriously bless the world: Dougie-style!!!


2 thoughts on “What do you call a bloke with a spade on his head?

  1. excellent

    can seeing going down well with football crowds or as a background tune on match of the day

    about time that radio one actually broke some new talent

  2. Okay a quick triple-angled comment on your last three posts.

    Doug: I feel all proud inside, he deserves a break, and yes he is the loveliest guy in the world.

    Investigates: I can’t believe you dislike Bladerunner. Shocking.

    Sunday: “”Jesus hung out with the wrong people”. A great line, makes Christianity look compassionate AND rebellious.

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