Whitest Llama Met Jet

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Or, “Jams Melt Athlete Wit”

Or, my favourite (although it doesn’t quite work): “Malt Melt Atheist Jew.”

I am Lord Voldemort

What I’m talking about is anagrams of a name. J K Rowling’s villain, I believe, only became a serious villain in book 2, when it became clear he was a villain who actually had some brains (as well as a deadly desire to kill everybody.) I’m talking about the bit where you find out his name, Tom Marvolo Riddle, is an anagram for I AM LORD VOLDEMORT. Quite clever, and the back plot developed throughout the rest of the series fitted in nicely with a boy who despised his background so much that he chose to change his name and identity.

I’m fascinated by language; how the symbols of an alphabet have meaning, and sometimes many layers of meaning. I like clever wordplays. The earliest book I actually remember reading was Codes and Secret Writing by Herbert S. Zim.

ANYWAY… I realised today that the name Voldemort must have been invented from the French words Vol De Mort, which means “Thief of Death”. Which is very appropriate. I liked that. I like that the name even sounds evil.