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As my best mate Lard has taken a break from posting Thursday Thoughts, I thought I’d maybe continue the trend in one form or another. Obviously my offerings won’t be near as poignant or delectable but I hope they stimulate some kind of thought…

Quoting from a recent post, “…I headed off to buy my last Empire in a while from Sainsbury’s. The girl at the till asked me as a matter of habit whether I wanted help packing then laughed at herself. She asked me what my excuse for not smiling was and I said I was thinking and she said I should smile instead. I wondered whether if everyone smiled instead of thinking the world would be a better or worse place.”

So, if it’s a choice between smiling and thinking, in your informed opinion what would make the world a better place?


7 thoughts on “Zesty Wednesdays

  1. It’s simple and obvious, but if every single human being on the world spent their day doing everything for someone else. If the world saw injustice, hatred and violence on others as injustice, hatred and violence on themselves I think those issues would become minimal very quickly.

  2. I think it’s actually a difficult question though.

    A smile is basically an expression of happiness, positivity, optimism. Those things in themselves would change the world. Smiles can of course be faked, but it’s a fact that your body, mind and emotions are linked, so eventually even fake smiles might stimulate positivity, which in turn would lead to real smiles…

  3. this weekend

    a baby smiled at me…..and it broke my heart

    this weekend

    someone told me what they thought….and it was soul destroying

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