Man colds

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I’ve been suffering from a man cold. It’s not been that bad, I’ve felt zapped of energy for a few days, and I don’t think I’ve complained about it all that much to anyone.

It’s made me wonder whether the whole concept of “man flu” – i.e. blokes making significantly more fuss about being ill than women – is actually fair or not.

My suggestion is that on average women complain about being ill as much as blokes do, and that this man flu phenomenon is simply one of those generalisations that people play to simply because they’re a generalisation.

e.g. Blondes are airheads. No they’re not, but plenty of blondes I know play to it.

Or Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus crap like “blokes don’t talk about their feelings.” Rubbish. I know plenty of women who have the emotional capacity of a teaspoon (stolen from Hermione) and plenty of blokes, including myself, who wear our hearts on our sleeves.

So I guess I don’t believe in man flu any more. It’s just a socially-constructed and reinforced stereotype.

What do you think?


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