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 There are a number of Gary Bs that I know, and they’re all awesome.

Gary B number 1 is Gary Bishop. I don’t have a picture I’m afraid, but he has written a book and his feet are on the cover. One of the admittedly dustier books of late on my shelf says “OMG – check out that messenger’s feet! They’re flippin’ awesome! He must use Nivea on those bad boys…” (my paraphrase). Anyway, Bish is a guy with beautiful feet because he brings good news. Friend and hero.

Gary B number 2 is Gary Bolton, who I miss terribly cos he’s such a genuine lovely guy and during lunchtimes at work me and him would have a great double act going (him with all the genuinely funny gags, mind).

Gary B number 3 I’ve not actually met, but I also think he’s an awesome guy. Yes…it’s Gary Barlow of Take That. He’s such a talented songwriter, the band would surely be yet another failed boy band without his genius and leadership. He’s like the Paul McCartney of The Beatles – Paul was always the real talent behind the band, yet Lennon got most of the credit or kudos.

Case in point – their latest offering: Rule the World, the credits track for new film Stardust (which I saw again tonight it’s that good). Apart from being a good song, it’s subtley extremely clever too.

In case you haven’t seen the film, in order to get the cleverness, you need to know there is a village called Wall and the female lead is called Yvaine.

Verse two starts:

If walls break down, I will comfort you
If angels cry, oh I’ll be there for you

OK, so the cleverness in the first line is fairly obvious. But you’ll probably miss the genius in the second line. – Barlow sings the line with a break:

If An — gels cry…

Yvaine – gels cry…

That is simply genius.


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  1. you missed off the fact that, for an older married man, he’s rather attractive too! He’s transformed himself from being the blobby one who could sing, to being the fit one with all the talent! Mark owen just has rat similarities these days. Ahhh take that, we love you!

  2. I thought for a second your theory looked a bit wobbly when I considered the mysogonistic gay-baiting fascist little oik, journalist Garry Bushell. But I think the extra ‘r’ in his name saves you… your award’s safe.

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