Caption Competition #1

Caption Competition

I’ve decided to start a regular feature where I post a randomly-found random picture and readers of my blog then pick a funny caption to accompany it.

The rules are:

(1) Don’t resort to crudeness or other forms of base humour to get a cheap laugh. (These will be deleted.)

(2) You may only make ONE suggestion. (If you do make more than one, e.g. under a different name, only your first entry will count.)

(3) I will announce the winner(s) at the start of the next Caption Competion (these will occur weekly-monthly depending on how popular they are).

Here’s this week’s picture:



4 thoughts on “Caption Competition #1

  1. The young boy knew he was taking a large risk smoking where his parents may find him, but in the event of any attempted slippering, he had planned his precarious makeshift getaway – he would slide from the balcony using only a clothes-hanger and a washing line to escape to freedom.

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