Drama at its (wor/be*)st?

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So, I watched this YouTube clip of an American Christian theatre group doing a skit, and I’m not sure whether it’s really great, or really cheesy. Probably a mixture of the two.

Check it out and tell me what you think. It’s 5mins32 so be patient whilst loading – and please stick with it through the cheesier bits (including the fact that Jesus looks like BuddyChrist from Dogma). The energetic bit near the end I think is extremely powerful – I actually got shivers when watching it – and I think theologically it works really well. But let me know your thoughts…


4 thoughts on “Drama at its (wor/be*)st?

  1. I saw this clip on another friends blog. I agree its a bit cheesy, but truly I found myself nearly crying. I thought it was very powerful. I think my reason is that whilst it may be a bit cliche, (I hate cliches) these issues are real – very real. I truly do believe that God is the answer to this stuff but I wish I understood it more. I wish I understood why people can struggle with this stuff – truly cry out to God to release them in the way this clip shows, and yet never feel that freedom that was portrayed. I believe God is in control, and I believe people can be delivered in this way. I just know people who are still wating for that deliverance.

  2. Hi Matt – posted this on my blog a wee while ago. Someone sent it to me on Facebook and it came on a day when I was low – I mean really low. We’d had a pants few weeks and were struggling with a load of things and then I saw this video – I was gone..totally gone when I watched it. All the stress and frustration and hurt of the previous weeks seemed to disappear on viewing it – especially the battle at the end. I don’t think its cheesy at all – not always a fan of drama but when its done well then its a very powerful tool. Also not always a fan of American crowd exuberance but the emotion given out by this crowd just adds to the power of it. Thanks for sharing this again and reminding me of the power Jesus has over the evils of this world.

  3. Wow – I agree that was pretty powerful! (okay I admit, I actually tears to my eyes!) Thanks for sharing that Matt!

    I’m a big fan of the arts – in particular theatre – and the reality is, all drama/theatre/musicals are a little cheesy in parts. My problem with Christian Dramas in the past have been that there is more cheese than there is substance.

    Lately though, I’ve started to see some really great Christian skits/dramas. If you get a chance, check out the Skit Guys. They were at the National Youth Ministry Convention here in Oz – they are absolutely hilarious one moment, hard hitting moving the next.

    Hope you’re well.


  4. hummm.. so i started off disliking it alot, far too cheesy for my liking, but it grew on me. Definately effective and nicely not over rehearsed and i totally agree with you (as always!) with the end bit, powerful or what?!
    just wished jesus wasn’t dressed in more satin than a night at strictly come dancing, and that butterflies wasn’t the overbearing motif. however, a good piece of physical theatre i felt, which is such an underused art form, wonder if it could have been better had it emerged from the cliched, dare i say, american? motif hold that it had?? i’d like to have seen it pushed creatively a bit further, but maybe thats just me being me. 🙂

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