5 Fruit a Day

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A few years back the metaphor for global domination was McDonalds – for example this book by John Drane.

Completely unrelated, in a drive for healthy eating the NHS has been pushing their 5-a-day campaign.

Well, I feel like I have combined the two by buying an iMac today. In many ways, the Apple corporation is the most recent metaphor of my generation (hopefully for infinitely better reasons than McDonalds). Plus, with regular use, I aim to be getting far more than 5 shots of the freshest fruit around!

Can I justify the cost? I believe so – I’ve put off buying a computer for 7 years now (!) and I think Macs will help me maximise the creativity I have within me in a way that a PC wouldn’t (I’m talking music, Graphics, Video and the rest).

Why an iMac and not a Macbook? – (1) cheaper (2) size is everything when it comes to graphics.

Hopefully you will see an accompanying increase in the look and feel of my blog from now on.


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