2 years

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2 years is a good length of time. It’s the amount of time it takes to:

  • witness a baby learn to smile, laugh, walk, talk, and feed herself

  • pass 5 A-levels

  • explore the world, visiting all 193 member states of the United Nations spending at least 3 days in each

  • learn to speak a new language fluently

  • cook and eat 2,190 different meals

  • read 50 books

  • watch 100 films

  • listen to 175,000 audio tracks (assuming you sleep for 8hrs a day)

  • be a role model to a group of young people from your community, giving them over 60 hours of your time at a youth club

  • write 730 daily blog entries

  • do a PGCE and NQT year to become a teacher

  • lose weight, train to run a marathon and run at least 4 of them…

You get the picture.

Anyway, this week 2 years took on another meaning. It’s the amount of time a specialist has given my dad to live, on account of him having bowel cancer which has spread to the liver and despite the fact that he’ll be having chemotherapy.

Hmm… Obviously, this is very much a ballpark figure; 2 years could become 3 or 4, and I believe in a god who specialises in miracles. I am so grateful that our family is so close – both in terms of how well we get on and the fact that I am now living 10 minutes from both sisters and 40 minutes from my parents for at least the next two years. Funny that…

I must say how awesome friends and family have been – people’s kindness, good wishes and prayers have been (and are) very much appreciated.


5 thoughts on “2 years

  1. Hey Matt – really saddened to hear the news about your Dad. He was a great support to us all during Booth and I’ve never forgotten that. Can do no more than pray but as you have said, we believe in a God who can do the impossible so if praying’s all we’ve got – then we’ve actually got loads at hand. So praying of course for your dad, but for your mum, you and the whole family, at this time.

  2. Matt

    Thanks for sharing this news about your Dad. I had an e-mail from (Uncle) Rob on the same subject today. I’m happy to be friends with 2 generations of LIttles, who on one level or another have – and continue – to inspire and influence me to this day, so you will all have my prayers during this tough time.

    Peace & blessings


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