…And what kind of box would you like that church in?

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Just saw this and it made me want to cry.

First, because the huge amount of humour and power that Sister Act gave to nuns singing a Vegas (or Reno) showgirls song has been totally lost when whatever genius decided to convert it into a brass band piece.

Second, because they murder it anyway.

But mostly because, why in the name of all that is sweet and lovely are the Salvation Army in Hong Kong churning out brass bands??? Since when have brass instruments been the stalwart of Chinese music? Am I missing something?

It so makes me want to swear. Loudly. I want to go and slap whoever thought it was a good idea to package up the Salvation Army in the UK and ship it out to the Orient.


One thought on “…And what kind of box would you like that church in?

  1. yeah – cringe inducing! But typical of a lot of things in TSA – and you know I speak as someone who is happy to be serving within TSA yet I still, like you, get so frustrated. It seems that everything has to be done with a brass band or its not Army. Sorry – I can cope with brass bands but not everything has to be brass to be Army. I cringe when I hear modern worship songs cut down and killed by simply putting it as a brass arrangement. Songs I love and have been really challenged by are now ruined even when the best of bands plays them. TSA is not made of brass – it is made of people who should … no, must … be doing what works in their own culture and people groups. Otherwise the only brass we’ll be is an ornament on the mantle piece and not a living breathing mission focussed church of Gods people.

    sorry … rant over!

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