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I’ve been trying to reflect on the fact that iSpy blog hits, though growing nicely each month, seem a little haphazard during the week. In fact, the wonderful Blog Stats that WordPress do for free, when expressed in terms of the last 30 days, resembles the London city skyline more than it does a smooth, gradual progression.

Anyway, this gave me an excuse to try out my new iMac software package Numbers (a powerful equivalent to Excel) and produce the above graph.

I’d like to point out that, as you can see, my graph is clearly labelled like all good graphs should be. Graphs that appear in magazines without a legend or title are a disgrace – they’re supposed to convey information!

Anyway, analysis shows that over the last 30 days (I don’t have the statistics beyond that), hits on my blog start off at a fairly healthy average of 31 per Monday, increase for the next two days, and then gradually tail off to a measly average of 12 per Sunday.

I guess the hits take a dive over the weekend because people are traditionally out doing stuff – Christmas shopping this time of year I guess – but I don’t really understand the Monday-to-Wednesday spurt.

The generally low Sunday hits can be explained by the fact that a large proportion of my visitors are probably at church. Which has made me think…do I really want my blog to appeal only to Christians? No! So, I’m going to try to up my Sunday hits by intentionally blogging more about things that don’t just appeal to Christians. If it’s only Christians that read my blog, it probably isn’t worth writing.

My other confusion is this: why, when I have so many hits per day do I have so few comments?

Any ideas or comments about any of this?


4 thoughts on “Return of the geek

  1. Good on you! Although I have to say I don’t think looking back on your blig entries that it is overly Christian, except the specific one – you’re a good movie critic and creator of the perfect brew rules.

    I think the Mon-Wed high hits could be because people like an easy start to the week by having a gander through blogs…I know I do! And by Thursday and Friday you reaise there’s loads to do before the weekend so you run out of time to hit the blogs again.

    Anyway, keep going with it as your blog is my favourite to read out of all of them (Iim not lying).

    Love Em x

  2. Idetrorce,

    I’m down with vague and ambiguous most of the time, but it’s not particularly helpful when leaving replies to posts!

    It’s like you just left a comment saying “Your mum”

    Could you be more specific about what you found ‘very interesting’ and what you don’t agree with me about, please?

    If not, your mum.

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