Partridge in a big pear tree

A capella singing, Christmas

Someone showed me this last night – Not everyone likes barbershop-style singing but this is note perfect, is funny and has a Christmas theme. Enjoy!

p.s. If anyone can tell me the original title/artist of the song they finish up with, I’d be most grateful.


6 thoughts on “Partridge in a big pear tree

  1. If your liking Andy Mckee check out Erik Mongrain:

    I’ve been looking into this type of guitar playing for a while and this song is definintly my favourite so far. It’s just so beautiful!
    Tom W

  2. Hmmm…don’t like Erik Mongrain as much. He’s technically good but his ‘songs’ just sound like a whole bunch of noise to me.

    Andy’s got soul. Erik’s just a show-off.

    If you’re gonna show off, do it like this:

  3. I agree that Andy has the soul but Erik on Airtrap finds a perfect balance of rhythm/beat and harmonics & chords where as Andy is a classical guitar player with some funky guitar slaps thrown in. Airtrap just makes me feel happy inside in my head space.
    I think you like Andy more cus he looks friendlier, he’s like yogi the bear with a 6string. He’d give you a real hug whereas Erik would be to cool for that.

    But seriously, On quantity of quality I’d give it to Andy anyday. You gonna go see him?

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