All I want for Christmas is Yule



I got hair straighteners.

And terracotta pots with herb seeds and flower bulbs to grow.

And a day at a Thai restaurant learning how to be a Thai chef!

It’s nice to get gifts isn’t it? If you were gift-lacking today then I promise you can borrow my straighteners, sample some of my herbs or come round for a Thai feast!

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One thought on “All I want for Christmas is Yule

  1. Hair straighteners??? I’m getting old > a chap at Music School had a pair… a huge pair to bring hair straighteners to Music School. Now I read you’ve got a pair too… you are an example and an influence to many people… and some of them are BOYS who don’t need to be led astray with this nonsense.

    Only joking… hope you had a wonderfully blessed Christmas > Advent / Nativity is alive for me… Christ HAS come!!!

    Love you… and your hair straighteners!


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