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Yesterday I got a letter from myself. About a month ago I’d been on a writing course in the Lake District and we were asked to write down our goals for our writing and seal them in a self-addressed envelope. This envelope would then be posted a month later.

This is what I wrote to myself.

…I want you to start writing properly – and blocking in time for writing. If you’re buying an iMac you need to make the most of it.

I’d like you to start writing the following:

  • a short story
  • structure and initial chapter for your first novel
  • poems – 2
  • a song

I’d like you to have finished these tasks by 31 December 2008.

Ambitious/idealistic as always. BUT – the amazing thing is that I am already on the way to completing my goals by the deadline. I’ve bought my iMac and I’ve already structured my novel and run the plot past a couple of people I know.

Anyway, this poem ISN’T one of the two I need to write – it’s an older one I wrote in December 2004 for my small group. But I’ve revised it and really like it myself and thought you might like to read it. (Click on it if it’s too small to read comfortably)

Christmas Poem

If you like my writing, please (1) comment on it and (2) ask me whether I’m meeting these goals. I really want to improve!







7 thoughts on “Paperback writer

  1. Hey matt – love the poem. Really obvious yet powerful stuff that is often left unsaid. Would you mind if I use this at our Christmas Eve informal worship night that i’m leading? It’ll fit in nicely with the way I feel the evening should be going. Let me know if this is/isn’t okay – thanks.

    btw – your question on why readership doesn’t always transpose into comments could be the fault of things like Google Reader as we read the posts and don’t always visit the blog itself. I have the same problem on my blog as I randomly find out I have readers in chance conversations and none of them ever comment!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. Prayers as always- Dan.

  2. Tarnation… Rous has got to you before me… Arrghh!!!

    Can I use the poem too, please? I would have used it for our Christmas S*N*A*C but would, instead, love to use it for the Film Night on Wednesday. Sweet.

    You should consider collaborating with others… make writing a social thing > join with others > share your wip.

    I used to write poetry… but don’t do it as much. I want to get back to poetic liturgy… using it to praise God as much as I use poetry to woo Olly 🙂

    Keep going bro…

    Love you


    PS > I love Dan too… he’s a great friend and inspiration.

  3. Thank Matt. Will give you full credit of course.

    Glad to have gotten in before Thomas – its usually the other way around! Love you too T btw.

    (sorry Matt – this is becoming a christian love-fest here. love you too though!)

  4. Wow! What a fantastic Christmas poem! Spot on, and so well written. Thank you for sharing your lovely writing! Merry Christmas 2011! 🙂

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